“My name is Heidi. I am an alcoholic in recovery.”

That is how I introduce myself now. Although I don’t drink anymore, the disease of addiction needs to be addressed and treated daily with a commitment to telling the truth and staying connected to God and to others like myself. Writing these books began as a strong call from God to write them to help others. These are simple realizations coupled with my photography and meant for alcoholics and addicts to identify with and to relate to—thoughts to read and consider to know that they are not alone on this road to recovery.

These books are fifteen-minute reads—fifteen thoughts, fifteen photos for each book. I realized in my own early recovery that this was the short information-receiving window I had! As a transformed woman with 5,541 days of sobriety (15 years), I know that I could not do this without God. Period. I would not bet on anyone staying sober without getting the concept of surrender to God.

I am forever grateful for God speaking through me with these simple reads. People have told me they have given these books to someone who was “thinking” about getting sober but could not do it before this. They have come back to me and told me about the miracles of these gentle messages being received by their loved ones and them deciding to get sober.

My husband, Dick, and I live on the coast of California in a sweet little town called Aptos. He is a retired dentist. I have had my own graphic design business, Heath Design, for over thirty-five years.

I didn’t start writing until after I got sober in 2004, three days before my fiftieth birthday. I never felt compelled to write before that. My other great joy is being a watercolor dog portrait artist. I love to capture the love shared between the dog and their owner through portraiture.

I am totally committed to God and to my sobriety. My prayer is to give back through these books what was so freely given to me.